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Jersey v England 2017 - The Merton Hotel

Jersey 7

England 26


The International match was held on Saturday 11th November where a very strong English outfit totally outclassed the Jersey team. Jersey were up against it before the match had even started, knowing that England were sending probably their strongest ever line up and after the first round of games were already 4 - 7 down. With the aggregate point up for grabs after the second leg they were hoping to reduce the deficit but the match was only ever going to end up one way, that being an England win. Going into overdrive in the second legs just one Jersey player, Alan Le Blond, managed to obtain 2 points and thus a win, with every England player winning 2, if not 3 points to convincingly retain their crown.



The teams were:



Dave Lomax (Capt.)

James Jeanne

Fred Jeanne

Graham Bisson

Dave Gallichan

Matthew Malorey

James Pallot

Graeme Le Monnier

Harry Barbet

Keith Vibert

Alan Le Blond



Curt Driver (Capt.)

Mark Trafford

Kevin Tunstall

Nigel Senior

Dave Ingram

Mark Brewster

Matt Jones

Paul Sainsbury

Martin Cole

Jim Millward

Gerry Fitzjohn

Merton Logos 2010 Jersey team England team Jersey & England Captains

Top: Jersey team


Bottom left: Dave Lomax & Curt Driver - Team Captains (with a photobomb by David Ingram)


Bottom right: England team

BREAKING NEWS - No England v Jersey match at the Bournemouth Pairs