J.B.B.L. Rules






1. The League will be called the Jersey Bar Billiards League and shall be managed by a President, Hon. Secretary, Officers & General Committee as elected by the Annual General Meeting.


2. The Annual General Meeting will be held in July or August of each year, subject to 10 days notice, and will be followed by a Captains Meeting, approximately 2 weeks later.


3. All Teams entering the League/Knockout Competitions shall pay such annual subscriptions and levies as determined by the Annual General Meeting. Player Registrations and competition entries shall be submitted in such a manner as the Committee may determine.


4. Teams will comprise of six players. In League matches the AWAY side shall have all six breaks. In Knockout matches the AWAY side shall have the choice of breaks. (1,3 & 5 or 2, 4 & 6) after the order of play has been drawn. The choice of breaks in knockout matches on neutral tables shall be decided by the toss of a coin after the order of play has been drawn.


5. There shall be a Captain for each team, and the HOME captain will be responsible for sending to the league or knockout Manager a completed result card in ink of EVERY MATCH, signed by both captains, within 3 days of the match being played. Failure to comply with this rule will mean the award of the match to the AWAY side 6-0.

Should any team wish to lodge a protest relating to a particular match, the Result Card, signed by both captains must be plainly marked “Signed under Protest” and a letter, detailing objections, send to the Secretary within three days. Team Captains are responsible for tables to be maintained in good condition and to those standards set by the committee.


6. Before the start of each league match, the two captains shall draw for order of play with the players name cards placed face down on the table; the order of play so drawn shall be adhered to unless, through unforeseen circumstances, a team member is unable to attend in time to play his game, in which case, the next pair in order shall play. Matches must not start later than 8.30pm (unless venues are serving food in which case the games are to start as soon as possible after 8.30pm) with play being continuous and under no circumstances will a player be allowed to play if he is not present PRIOR to time of commencement of the final game.


7. Before the start of each knockout match, the two Captains shall draw for order of play as stated above, and the order of play so drawn shall be adhered to


8. Wednesday will be the recognised evening for League matches, If for any unforeseen reason a team cannot play on this day they must notify their opponents and the Hon Secretary, no later than Mid-day Tuesday preceding the match, and another evening arranged suitable to both teams, but the match must be played within two weeks of the original date. If no communication is received from either team it will be taken for granted the match will be played on Wednesday, Any defaulting team will lose the match 6-0.


9. Only by permission of the committee will the registration of new players be allowed after the first half of the season. “House to House” transfers will be permitted during the playing season, but only in exceptional circumstances as determined by Committee.


10. In individual or pairs knockout matches, where no result (or claim) is received within the stipulated time, both sets of players or pairs involved shall be eliminated from that particular competition with immediate effect.


11. Should any team drop out of the league for any reason whatsoever, all points scored against that team shall be cancelled and no points shall be awarded for any outstanding un-played matches. In the event of a player failing to put in an appearance in any competition, his opponent shall claim the game and also, where applicable, take for his score one fifth of the total scored by the remainder of his team.


12. All disputes or failure to adhere to the rules of the league shall be brought to the notice of the Hon. Secretary who will report to the Committee. The Committee shall have the power to provide for any contingency not covered by these rules that may arise. The Committee shall have the power to impose any penalty they may deem necessary and their decision shall be final on all matters brought to their attention or otherwise raised.


13. Any member wishing to raise any matter at the Annual General Meeting must send this in the form of a motion to be included on the Agenda. Such motion must reach the Hon. Secretary at least 10 days prior to the meeting.


14. A referee from the AWAY team and a marker from the HOME team shall be appointed before each game. The referee MAY inform the player when the break has been played “twice” and MUST inform the player when it is “one up” after he has potted the balls three times from the break off position. The referee’s decision is final on all matters during the game. No instructions may be given or remarks made while games are in progress. A marker shall not record the score until the player has left the table.


15. Games should run between 15 & 17 minutes, the referee is required to check times and act accordingly.


16. For the following offences a player shall lose his UNREGISTERED SCORE (current break):-

(a) Knocking over a white skittle.

(b) Failing to strike a ball.

(c) A ball mounting a cushion or falling off table.

(d) Any part of a ball returning over baulk or ‘D’ line (a lined ball is out of play).

(e) Potting two balls from the break off four times.

(f) Deliberately fouling a ball with any part of his body or cue.

(g) Playing a stroke before a spinning ball in a pocket has dropped.


17. For the following offences a player shall lose his REGISTERED BREAKS (a total score):-

(a)   Knocking over a black skittle (if two skittles are knocked over in the same stroke the first skittle so struck shall count for the purpose of the penalty).

There is no penalty should a player knock over any skittles with his cue unless in the opinion of the referee he did so deliberately, in which case the relevant penalty applies.

(b) Deliberately missing the object ball.



18. The red ball shall count double throughout the game and, when available, MAY be used as the cue ball, except at the start of a game or subsequent break off, when the red ball must be placed on the spot nearest the ‘D’ and the cue ball on the ‘D’ centre spot. The distance between these spots should be 6.5” to 7.5”.

The cue ball, must at all times, be played from the spot.


19. When all available balls are in play the furthest ball from the back cushion must be returned for use as the next cue ball. In the event of two balls being balanced over a pocket when one has to be returned for the cue ball, the other must be held and placed on the edge of the pocket nearest to the point where balanced. At no time should a ball be returned to a player via the pockets.


20. The last ball of the game should one remain, must be played from the ‘D’ spot off one side cushion into either the 100 or 200 pocket. The white skittles must be placed in the 50 pockets and the black skittle left up. There is no penalty for missing the pockets, but black peg penalty still applies.


21. In the event of a ball “propping” a skittle, that ball shall remain until the player has finished his break, it shall then be returned to the next player before he makes his first shot; this does not apply to a ball touching a skittle. If a skittle is knocked off its spot without falling, it shall be replaced when possible before the next shot is played or once the spot becomes available.


22. Should a ball on the lip of a pocket fall in while a player is in play, or in any part of the game (except when the bar is down), this ball will be replaced as near as possible to its original position, and the shot re-taken. When the bar is down, the striker retains his score and continues the break.


23. All trophies are to be held by the winning teams or players for the ensuing 12 months. They shall be responsible for the engraving and for their safe custody and shall be returned in a clean and good condition as and when the Committee may direct.


24. Team captains should ensure that a copy of these rules is prominently displayed in close proximity to their tables.




1. Other than for the purposes of necessary attention or preparation, there should be no play on match tables after 8.00pm on match nights.


2. The Committee shall have vested in it, the power to deduct league points from teams considered responsible for continued breaches of rules or of actions detrimental to the well being of the game. Such action to be proceeded by the issue of written warning(s).






1. Promotion and Relegation between all Divisions shall be automatic. However, the Committee has the right to overrule this should it be necessary where league formats would be affected due to the number of teams that register at the AGM.


2. In any Pairs knockout games, no player is permitted to start more than 1 leg. Also, the player who breaks off in the first leg is unable to follow the break player in the second leg. In mixed pairs knockout games, the Lady shall take the first break in legs 1 and 2.


3. Rule 19 amended.







1. If a player decides to concede early in a league game before the bar has dropped and all the balls have been potted then that players team will automatically lose 6-0 regardless of the current score in the match.


2. Rule 6 amended.






1. In league matches a Division 2 team may play when they only have 5 players present by utilising one player to play again in the sixth game. The nomination of this player shall be by the opposing captain but at a time that both Captains agree on the night. The nominated player shall be listed as A.N. Other on the scorecard so that the game doesn’t count towards individual rankings points but does count towards team score. If both teams should have 5 players then both Captains shall pick an opposing player.

This rule does not apply to Division 1 teams or any team knockout matches, regardless of league status.


2. If a team can only raise 4 players for a league match then the above rule will apply after the fourth game has been played. The opposing captain then selects the player to play the fifth game as above with the 6th and final game being awarded automatically to the opposing team.

This rule does not apply to team knockout matches.





1. Rule 1 from 2007 A.G.M. amendment changed.






1. Rule 2 from 2004 A.G.M. amendment changed.